Schemes & Facilities Business Plus Insurtech - A Marriage Made in Heaven

S Muir 11.12.2023
In the dynamic realm of commercial insurance, the convergence of Schemes and Facilities business with cutting-edge Insurtech is proving to be a match made in heaven.  At the forefront of this transformative alliance is C-Quence, where technology and data-driven innovation are harnessed to support brokers in establishing and managing Schemes for well-defined customer groups.

The Power of "More Configuration, Less Code"
C-Quence's philosophy revolves around "More Configuration, Less Code," reflecting a commitment to providing a highly customisable and technologically advanced solution for brokers navigating the intricacies of Schemes and Facilities business.
The CQ elements trading platform is a testament to this approach, offering a unique capability to tailor Schemes around the specific needs of both brokers and clients.

Automated Customisation for High-Volume Business Opportunities
The platform's configurational capabilities empower brokers to move swiftly in the competitive commercial insurance landscape. The automation, coupled with customisation, enables C-Quence to:
  • Build sophisticated and tailored products catering to specific client profiles;
  • Handle a high volume of risks, ranging from hundreds to thousands per Scheme;
  • Establish bespoke and pre-agreed underwriting criteria, supported by streamlined third-party data;
  • Engineer customised portfolio pricing models, ensuring attractive pricing for clients;
  • White-label products for seamless integration with brokers' offerings;
  • Add Schemes to brokers' exclusive versions of CQ Elements for quick and easy quotes and policy issuance;
  • Provide portfolio dashboard management information for enhanced decision-making; and
  • Leverage modern technology architecture, including Robotics, AI, drag and drop submission ingestion and automated workflow management solutions for efficient lifecycle administration and processing.
The Antithesis of Off-the-Shelf Solutions
C-Quence stands in stark contrast to the one-size-fits-all propositions offered by most providers. Instead of attempting to fit a square peg into a round hole, the platform embraces flexibility and customisation, allowing brokers to gain a competitive advantage while fostering customer loyalty.

Real-World Efficiency and Cost Benefits
The tangible benefits of C-Quence's approach are evident in real-world scenarios. Collaborations with brokers have led to the rapid establishment of a number of diverse schemes and facilities, including a chain of 2000 franchise shops, 300 medical offices, and 250 associations – all operational within a matter of weeks.

Transforming the Schemes & Facilities Landscape
C-Quence is at the forefront of transforming the Schemes & Facilities landscape, leading the charge with its innovative use of technology, streamlined data collection, custom configuration, open architecture, and cloud-based scalability. This new way of thinking not only benefits brokers by providing a competitive edge but also delivers enhanced value to clients through competitively priced policies tailored to their specific needs.
In a world where efficiency and agility are paramount, C-Quence's insurtech solutions are contributing to the reshaping of the commercial insurance industry, paving the way for a future where customisation, technology, and data-driven insights converge seamlessly for the benefit of brokers and clients alike.

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