What Brokers say about us

Brokers have had a very positive reaction to our Products, the C-Q Elements platform and the quality of the C-Quence team.

Here is some of the excellent feedback we have received.

I have traded with Jacqueline and John for many years through their previous roles so I knew integrity and technical knowledge would be a given. What I didn’t expect, although many have promised it, was a platform and wording so intuitive and considerate of what both clients and brokers actually have been crying out for. From a client’s perspective, one of the broadest policy forms in the market, very competitively priced and one that tells you in plain English what is and isn’t covered. From a broker’s perspective, a system that reads your mind, answers the underwriting questions for you and sits above the usual transactional SME ‘click and buy’ platforms. Like all the best designs, the team at C-Quence rigorously questioned clients and brokers to understand the frustrations around our industry then went away and solved them all in one go! We are proud to have helped C-Quence to refine their offering and now to partner with them going forward and look forward to watching (and participating) in their undoubted success.

Head of Corporate at a Leading UK Independent Corporate Broker

I am thrilled to have been introduced to John, Jacqueline and the team at C-Quence. After one Demo of the product we were blown away by the sophistication. It is THE best system I have seen, and I knew it would be a major asset to our business. The coverage is excellent and completely simplifies the insurance terminology that can often be misleading for clients. This product along with the expertise and professionalism of the whole team at C-Quence makes this a game-changer to the Financial Lines sector. I am excited to watch our partnership grow and for the new lines you bring out in the future.

Divisional Director at a Specialist Wholesale Insurance Broker

Very rarely in my business life, and in particular within the insurance world has an opportunity to fundamentally change, improve and enhance the level of service we are able to offer our clients presented itself as the one we are currently working on with C-Quence. From our initial exploratory discussions to our current advanced stage, we genuinely feel that we are at the vanguard of the way insurance will be transacted and delivered in the future and truly positions our business at a point where we can respond to increasing client demand for simplicity. The demands of our clients will not change. Our business, with the positive input from C-Quence, is in the process of change.

Head of Corporate at a Leading UK Independent Corporate Broker

Possibly the most exciting new insurer to come to market in the past 5 years. Importantly, they are building solutions by listening to customers’ needs rather than any preconceptions of what the market requires. High quality team, customer focussed, dynamic, enthusiastic, very different and a genuine pleasure to deal with – their system is pretty impressive too! I do hope they’re able to deliver on their medium & long term aims as the market needs fresh thinking from carriers willing to challenge convention / the norm.

Senior Vice President at a Global Insurance Broker

C-Quence could be the Tesla of the insurance market. I have worked with C-Quence since its formation in 2018 and have seen the business grow from initial concept to the delivery of products and services. Some businesses are successful because of the people they employ, some due to their systems and others due to their products. C-Quence are a rare breed (for the insurance industry) and have achieved all three. The people they employ are first class at every level, they value customer feedback, they are client focussed and when they say they’ll do something, they do it. Their systems are excellent and are constantly evolving to meet the needs of their customers. Their products are similarly impressive – simple, innovative and easy to follow whilst providing all the cover a customer might need. I have seen numerous insurance start-up businesses during the past 15 years and C-Quence are the most exciting by some margin. Many others try to reinvent the (insurance) wheel, whereas C-Quence could be the Tesla of the insurance market if they continue to innovate & execute as well as they have performed to-date.

A senior Commercial lines Broker

It’s about time someone shook up Commercial Lines with a truly innovative yet pragmatic and easily recognisable way of doing business. As an industry we need to modernise, and we see C-Quence as a key strategic partner in doing this. We are very impressed with the C-Q Elements platform. It’s so clean, smooth and easy to use. We can see this as a viable option for our ML Facility business. The ML5 product is the best we have seen: the product is one of your crown jewels but we see the forthcoming P&C product as the game changer.   I’m also pleased to say that C-Quence are insurance people who understand the Market and Brokers’ needs and requirements. That understanding runs through everything they deliver. They are also listening because the changes they have already brought to their platform improve what is already an impressive achievement.

Senior Vice President at a Top 10 Global Insurance Broker

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