C-Quence launches a new Digital Real Estate product and introduces it’s ‘Drag & Drop’ automated submission reader.

S Muir 28.11.2023
C-Quence the Digital MGA today launches its new dedicated Real Estate product and journey for the large and diverse Property Owners market. Transacted on the CQ elements platform, with the additional functionality of its automated submission reader, it aims to transform the Broker experience, while offering clients a bespoke, easy to understand product.
Jacqueline McNamee, CEO at C-Quence said, “This is another market sector where modernisation is long overdue. Not only with new clear and concise policy wording but by fundamentally changing and improving the way the business is transacted.
“Often seen as complex because Property Owners tend to own portfolios of multiple premises with construction type, location and use of those premises varying. Consequently, simply obtaining quotes has traditionally been administratively burdensome and long winded.
“By applying our tried and tested proprietary technology and enriching submission information with multiple layers of third-party data we have developed even more capabilities for rapid algorithmic underwriting that make the quote to bind process fast, accurate and intuitive.”

‘Drag & Drop’ automated submission reader
A key innovation that enables this speedy and precise process is the introduction of C-Quence’s ability to automate the ingestion of submissions into its CQ elements platform. This eliminates time consuming manual entry of complex risk data.
By simply dragging a submission (e.g. in pdf form) into the platform, the required underwriting information can be displayed alongside the submission document for the Broker to verify. Moreover, our third-party data enrichment capability ensures levels of accuracy and speed rarely seen till now. Like many C-Quence innovations this platform populating technology has embedded AI to enable continual improvement. 
 Jacqueline McNamee added, "Following a successful pilot with some partner brokers for general P&C risks, we know how well and fast it works. As with everything we build, ‘Drag & Drop’ will continue to rapidly evolve and expand with uses across an array of document, batch types and products.”

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